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Giving young athletes the kind of intelligent coaching they need to not only get bigger, faster, and stronger but learn the mechanics and form they need to see long term success!

This means our experienced Coaches make use of cutting edge training strategies to develop fundamental skills, improve performance, and prevent injuries. 

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Regardless of whether we are working 1-on-1, in groups, or teams our approach towards training the developing body remains the same. 

It starts with understanding the body.

Adolescents and youth athletes are not like "little people." What we mean is not only are they growing larger muscles and bones, but their entire system is developing. More focus on slow and controlled body weight movements in the beginning is key. This helps to build stronger connections in their brain, translating immediately into more strength and coordination.  

This also means working to develop well rounded skills and movements like pushing, pulling, rotating, and landing; so that they not only improve in their sport of choice, but avoid the injuries that repetitive sports may often cause. 

1-on-1 /// Group /// Team Training 

We offer a variety of training options to work with younger athletes of all ages and ability levels. In our Group + Team training programs we do best to align ages and ability levels to maximize the training experience but work 1-on-1 with any age. 

For more information on options, pricing, and more click the button below and tell us more about you and your athlete. 

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