Strength in Numbers!

We know we have some of the most intelligently designed classes and training in South Florida, and we sure as heck have some of the absolute best coaches. We have more college degrees and certifications than we can even pronounce but that's not what makes our Group Classes so great. It's the magic of working alongside other people!

There is something special about the atmosphere of a group when it comes to the hard work and struggle that working out can bring.The social comradery and friendship not only challenges you to keep going, but keeps you accountable in coming back day to day.


This translates into not only a better body, but stronger connections with motivation and success. <<<Click here for Class Schedule>>>

How Do I Get Started? 

We want to set people up for success so offer a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session for all incoming G+O Fitness members. We have found this works better than throwing people into class for the first time without any direction. This is a chance for one of our Coaches to get to know you, your goals, previous injuries, and more so that when you integrate into the classes you are able to get the absolute most from our approach.

From here, many people then go on to take a class and participate in our Intro Month Experience. Most gyms give you a free class, but we know that doesn't really give you a feel for what it's like to really be a part of the gym and community, so we do a full 14 day Intro Program. Your coach will explain more in the Strategy Session. 

Not Sure About Group Classes?

Group Classes are not for everyone! There, we said it. Many of our clients start out getting their feet wet with Personal Training, where they can build their confidence and workout capacity at their own speed. Some of them decide that they like the 1-on-1 experience and stay with Personal Training forever, while others use it as a launchpad or compliment to what they get from Group Classes. 

It's all up to you and these are some of the questions we can help you find answers to in the Strategy Session. Schedule one in order to talk with a G+O Fitness Coach and find out what the right mix looks like for you. (More about Personal Training here)

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