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Want a little more focused strength training and coaching than you can get in large group classes? Semi-Private sessions are the sweet spot. High touch coaching to help you reach your goals with a small group (3-6 people) of like-minded people for one third the cost of Personal Training. 

focused strength training
"There is no doubt that the more focused strength training I am able to do in private sessions has allowed me to get to another level with my health & fitness than just the classes alone. More individualized coaching means finding my own limits as well as limitations to keep me progressing."
- Alex, G+O Member & Client

Let's Get Personal. 

This is about you committing to progress.

Our team is made of up of Exercise Physiologists, former athletic trainers, and downright fitness experts. They're the most well trained and experienced at getting results in South Florida. 
More importantly, they are committed to getting to know you, your body, and exactly what you need to get to the next level in your fitness. G+O Lift Coaches are able to:
Pay more attention
Small groups means additional attention, coaching, and cuing you normally only find in a 1-on-1 environment.
Keep you accountable
Progressive training plans and tracking weights means coaches will help you progress every single week. 
Coach and mentor
Constant tracking and contact means making individual adjustments to get you from A to B even faster.  

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