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Stop struggling alone. Join a pack of entrepreneurs and fitness junkies who can help you balance achieving the health & body you’re after.


If you are a guy who has prioritized working out and eating right in the past but found themselves astray from what they’d like to see in the mirror and not attacking the day with the energy you used to, then this is for you.


We’re not talking about just tossing you in group classes and giving you a "one-size fits all" meal plan. 


We're not talking about a 21 day program to get you in the door. 

We’re talking about a fully immersive, all-inclusive, turn key 8-week solution that is GUARANTEED to drive results.

You can leave this page now if…

  • You aren’t willing to invest in working with the best and want a “cheaper” option

  • You already have your training, nutrition, recovery, hormone levels, and supplement routine dialed in and you are stronger and have more energy than you did when you turned 30.


  • If you’re looking for the magic pill or easy option. This is not that. This is for men who are serious about results and not only want to have better bodies but be better men all around.


Here’s why you should join us:

  • You are driven to make some changes in your body and life.

  • You are a high performer and love the idea of a challenge. 

  • You have done it before and you know you have what it takes. You’re just looking for the coaching and direction from the best in order to be an entirely different state after 8 weeks.


  • In fact, even if you have never really worked out before or maybe it’s been 10-15 years we want you to join us so that we can give you the blueprint for a successful launch back into becoming the man you can be proud of. This means fast tracking your start to getting back to the energy and body you deserve.


  • Most of all, you will discover the systems and structure you need to become a peak performer both in your fitness and in your life. They go hand in hand and we want to put you back into the driver’s seat.


If you want to live an unreal life, then it starts with having unreal expectations and putting yourself in an environment to meet them.



Sep. 1st - Oct. 27th, 2019


5:30am, 7:30am & 5:30pm training options for 3x/week

Your Investment:

Alpha Package - Complete Program

- $999 full payment (or)

- $599 x2 monthly payments

ULTIMATE ALPHA - Program + food delivery throughout (100 meals)





Phone: (561) 756-8637


So what exactly does the 8 Week Mansformation include? 


For men. By Men. This program serves as a two month deep dive into the inner workings of maximizing health, hormone levels, and shedding body fat for guys as they age. We can't stop you from getting older but all of the below can sure as hell make it a more enjoyable process: 


  • Complete Training Program - 3x per week in person strength training sessions are FULLY INCLUDED in the price of the program. This includes flexibility week-to-week to join 5:30am // 7:30am // 5:30pm training options as well as Saturday Mornings. 

  • Blood Testing / Hormone Profile - Most guys wait to get regular blood tests until they're too far down the wrong path. This program includes pre-post blood testing included in the price of the program via our partners at Biostation. Then we go about planning an all out assault on improving any numbers that need it...NATURALLY! This means optimizing nutrition, training, sleep, and stress before opting for HRT or medical interventions. 

  • Body Composition + Performance Testing  - Aside from testing body fat levels which tend to go up as we age, we also want to get you dialed in on making progress in your physical performance throughout the program. This means improving the numbers baby! Focus on this and watch your body transform to keep up. 

  • Nutrition Coaching to Optimize Hormones - We're all about teaching a man to fish, so all 20 men will commit to some strict protocols aimed at producing rapid (but sustainable) results in their energy and physique.

    • ULTIMATE ALPHA PACKAGE will also have 100 pre-approved high quality meals provided for them throughout the program (via Fit Food Fresh). This is a GREAT option for most as we need all the help we can get and in today's day and age....convenience is our friend when we are building a sustainable approach. Not to mention the food is at a sick discount!

  • Supplement Guidance - You can succeed with or without supplements in this program but for many who are taking....what is worth a shit and what isn't? We'll outline what might actually help you and what stuff you are just peeing out in the end (might surprise you). 

    • EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS for participants with our partners at Nutrishop Boca Raton

  • Complimentary Recovery Services - As much as we want to push your body in the gym (and we will) it's also about how well you can recover. We have partnered with the best in the area for you to experience some of the most innovative approaches to maximize your recovery and see better results. 

  • In-Person & Video Coaching Workshops - We kick off the program with an in-person event on September 1st (not mandatory) to introduce the group and layout the next 8 week. We'll then follow with weekly video workshops delivered in a Private Facebook group for Mansformation members, focusing on the topics of nutrition, training, supplements, sleep, sex drive, and mental performance. Anything goes in these and we are holding nothing back!

  • Pre-Post Photos (optional) - Want the ultimate accountability? We feel so damn confident that you're going to see changes that we want you AND OTHERS to see we will also be throwing in professional photos for those who want to put it on the line. 

  • FULL ACCESS to Joe & Paul - The entire G+O team will be supporting mansformation participants but the entire program will be run exclusively by Joe Drake & Paul Christopher. This means you have access to the best in South Florida throughout the program. They have both been helping men drive results for a combined 30+ years and want to see you thrive as we close in on the end of the year. 

AND THAT'S NOT EVEN EVERYTHING...we have a couple of VIP experiences lined up throughout the program that will be announced at our kick-off party and inside the Facebook group.  

Hi, I'm Joe, 

Joe Drake is the Co-Owner of multiple fitness businesses and an international educator in the fitness industry. He has been working to help men regain their bodies and improve performance for over a decade and created the Mansformation Challenge as a way to have a bigger impact on the men in South Florida. 

He's seen what's possible for men when they are back in the driver's seat with their health & wellness. He believes its the key to not only looking great naked, but leaving a legacy, and becoming the kind of father and man the world needs more of. 

Hi, I'm Paul, 

Paul Christopher is the Founder of Gravity + Oxygen Fitness brand, lifelong competitive athlete, and veteran in the fitness industry. With over 15 years of experience as both an Athletic Trainer and Fitness Pro, he's worked with every type of client under the sun and, from olympic athletes to banged up old guys (maybe like you).


He understands what it takes to maintain performance with age and it's about more than just killing yourself in the gym. Paul will be bringing his wealth of experience for men in the program to avoid injury and take a smarter approach towards their recovery & nutrition in pursuit of progress. 

Your accountability starts now.

Once you register for the Mansformation Challenge you will added to our private Facebook group where we will begin coaching you to faster success even before the program begins. 

This way you’ll start building momentum before the program even begins in September. Even if you aren't taking part in the Small Group Training sessions yet it will mean more focused workouts and better energy!

In that group, you will receive daily marching orders on how to start to clean up your diet, the best supplements for optimizing male hormones, and how to know whether or not you are recovering well from the stress of training & life. 

“Am I a good fit for this?" 

Yes! If you are looking to (or could benefit from):

  • Take your workout routine to the next level

  • Do more focused strength training

  • Improve your daily energy

  • Sleep better

  • Lose body fat

  • Improve your diet & nutrition

  • Recover better

  • Be in less pain

  • Look great naked (duh!)

The Mansformation is guaranteed to lead to significant results within the 8 weeks of strict training and nutrition and built around teaching you an approach and mindset that can continue to guide you for years to come. 

Join our select group of twenty men who are looking to become the best. 

In addition to all of the benefits and coaching that comes along with the Mansformation Challenge, those who sign-up before August 1st will ALSO RECEIVE and additional week of 1-on-1 Training with Joe & Paul themselves. 


We're committed to this being a driver of change in your physique and life so take the leap and let's make it happen. 

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