Group Training Classes


Imagine an approach to health and fitness where you actually enjoy working out? This means getting after it every session and having a blast along the way. No cookie cutter programs here. Every session and every class is just as unique as you.


Classes are comprised of a mix of resistance training circuits and cardiovascular intervals that rotate on a daily basis to make sure you are recovering from workouts and getting better every week.

Personal Training


Group Classes and large programs are part of the G+O "special sauce" but nothing can replace the experience of 1-on-1 training. Every body is unique and Personal Training allows us to hone in on the most efficient plan to get you from A to B. 


Here we can focus on the best approach for you and take the time to coach you on all aspects of your heath & fitness needs. On your time, at your speed. 

Nutrition Coaching


It's no secret that solid nutrition will be a foundational part of your success. We understand this and have partnered with Precision Nutrition to develop an on-going Coaching program to help you get long term results. 


Our Certified Nutrition Coaches aren't focused on starving yourself and short term fixes. We teach lasting strategies to help you look and feel better. Guaranteed. 

Good 2 Great Team Challenge


Motivated by the idea of working together and competing as a team? Think of Good 2 Great as an upgrade to your current health & fitness routine, with a "camp color war" spin. We take a team accountability approach to give you amazing results and get fully immersed in the G+O Fitness Crew.


$1,000 cash Giveaway? Oh yea, we do that too. Go ALL IN for 6 weeks and get all of the coaching and support from the G+O Fitness Team that you could ever need to get rockin' on your path to success. 



If there really is a G+O "secret sauce," this is it. Community plays an essential role in finding a program and fitness lifestyle that you can sustain for a lifetime. 


No drama, no cliques, just a group of amazing people who enjoy supporting and challenging each other to achieve more, both in and outside of the gym. Some months this might mean paddle boarding and beach days, or getting together to support a local cause.


Either way, we have a blast and want to make G+O Fitness not only a place to get in ridiculous shape, but a place to connect and grow.  

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