13 Tips to Enjoy Exercise


I am with most of you, the idea of waking up before work to go sit on a cardio machine and read a magazine sucks. Thankfully if you are already working out at G+O you know that there is a much better way, not only for getting better than average results but also to stay excited.


So, does this mean I can get lean and look great without running? The answer is Yes and the important thing is that you find something that you truly enjoy. You can get in great shape working out all kinds of different ways so you might as well enjoy it, that way you stick with it. I know this may be easier said than done so check out some tips below on making the process more fun and staying in the workout game for life.


1) Make it a Habit – Remove the thinking element. If you can make exercise a habit, then it becomes that much easier to go. You may not enjoy it all right away but stick with it!



2) Get a Partner (or group) – Get someone else to go to the gym with you. If you already come into G+O then BOOM! We got you covered there. This social interaction is exactly why group training is great for so many long term. You build friendships and accountability that give you the extra push to make it there when your own might not be enough. 


3) Tune Your Challenge Level – Here are two bad ways to start exercising. Go out and run until your winded and dry-heaving into a ditch. Show up to the gym, walk around, don’t do anything strenuous and go back home. In one case you put the challenge level to high, the other wasn’t challenging at all. Your goal is to set a workout routine that is challenging, but not overwhelming. Challenge is key to enjoyment.


4) Set Goals – Not weight-loss or muscle gain goals, but fitness goals. Set goals to beat your past records in distance ran, push-ups or chin-ups you can do, weight you can lift or degree you can stretch. Fitness goals make the gym a game where you strive to beat your previous high-score. Do this and we promise (a) you will have more fun and (b) you will see the other goals easier!


5) Get Past Your Comfort Zone – So what if you aren’t the most svelte or muscular person in the gym? Self-consciousness can be a big obstacle to enjoying your workout. The key is to be ok with the fact that there will always be someone more and less in shape than you. Put yourself in an environment where you feel comfortable enough to be able to work hard. When you continue to show up, you’ll pay less attention to the people around you and realize they are all just as self conscious as you. 


6) Experiment – Mix it up and try new things! Routine is great but if you like variety then set a goal to try something new this week. If you don’t like lifting weights or running, try sports, martial arts or dancing. Working out shouldn't be boring so if you are bored to tears with sitting on cardio and lifting weights alone, do something else.


7) Music – This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but music can enhance a workout. Shoot I think it can make or break a workout. Find some killer music or a place that plays it and get after it. 


8) Short Workouts – Don’t have time or enthusiasm to last for 90 minutes? That's fine because you don't need to workout that long, Just go for twenty or thirty minutes. Shorter workouts can be better than longer ones if the intensity is high. After an hour or two of exercise your body starts to go into a state where more exercise can actually reduce physical improvements. Contrary to the way we think more is not always better. 


9) Daily Challenges – I love this one! Make your workout into a game. Sticking with the same type


of exercises can get boring, so mix it up by introducing an unusual workout challenge. If you aren’t sure where to get ideas, look through a magazine like Mens Fitness which usually features a variety of different workouts. We all like a little personal challenge but aren't always sure what to do!


10) Reward Showing Up, Not Weight Loss – Some people have gotten the idea that they should reward themselves for losing weight or gaining muscle. I disagree. Instead, I think you should reward showing up to the gym and exercising regularly. There are many ways you can lose or gain weight in unhealthy fashions and rewarding that can be a bad thing. Rewarding exercise is rewarding your commitment to yourself. Set a goal for a certain  number of workouts per month and get there!


11) Make Exercise Your Stress Relief – I know many people that swear by using the gym to relieve stress. I would personally automatically turn into the scrooge crossed with the Grinch if I didn't have the gym. Some of them will head to the gym because of a frustrating day even if it isn’t on their schedule. Exercising can be cathartic and release negative feelings if you get used to using it that way. Then instead of avoiding the gym because of a stressful day, it will be your reason to go.


12) Record Improvements – Again I recommend recording fitness over body improvements. Recording weight loss or muscle gain is a good idea, but because of the way your metabolism functions it becomes increasingly harder to make weight changes as you go to the gym more regularly. But fitness improvements can, if you work on it, continue to rise. Keep a record of your strength, endurance and flexibility so you can get pride in your accomplishments.


13) Make Time – You can’t say you don’t have time to exercise. Exercise improves your energy levels and mood which makes you more productive than any time lost. Find your forty-fifty minutes somewhere in the day and make it a commitment. Get up a bit earlier and go in the morning. Or schedule it right after work before you settle down for the day. Once you make time and make it a habit, you’ll actually want to exercise instead of just feeling you should.


Falling in love with working out won't happen overnight but like anything worth having if you put in the effort and give some of these steps a try I can promise you will find yourself enjoying the process a little bit more each day. 


Have any questions or want to find out more about how you can enjoy working out absolutely every single day? Reach out to us through email or phone and let us help you get on track.  


-Joe Drake-

G+O Co-Owner


(561) 756-8637




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