[Infographic] Why Women Should Be Strength Training

"Sexercise" images of fitness women are floating all over the internet, although sometimes the images are unrealistic and sometimes even offensive, the message is so true: Strong is the new sexy! 


Looking good naked (#LGNgoals) is great for obvious reasons but this whole lifting thing has some other benefits as well. As a woman, strength gives us so much more than toned muscles and flat stomachs (now I've got your attention, huh?!). With a little bit of strength we can gain a lot of confidence and independence, no longer will someone at the grocery store have to ask if you need help when trying to get the 24-pack case of water off the shelf, into the bottom of the cart and then into your car. Let's be honest, we've all decided to skip on the water before so we didn't have to deal with feeling awkward in the store. 


Back to lifting weights- it offers so many health benefits that aerobic workouts and lightweights just can't keep up with, physically, mentally and emotionally. Check them out below!


Elle Woods said it best: 


"Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't shoot their husbands, they just don't."


So keep yourself and your husband alive, lift some weights!


For more information on why women lifting weights is awesome (as if you needed more) feel free to contact Megan at megan@gravityandoxygen.com.


p.s. Ready to start lifting some weights and want to get involved in a GIRLS ONLY lifting program geared towards getting strong and learning to strength train appropriately? Women on Weights (W.O.W.) is right up your alley and the next section starts soon. Contact josh@gravityandoxygen.com for more info. 


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