Hustle Month

August 4, 2016





Well... not everyday. If you are new to the Gravity and Oxygen team, Hustle Month may seem like foreign territory. You have spent the last few weeks in our “Muscle Month”, and you were just getting used to the rotation of days and knew what to expect when walking into class. Upper body means arms, lower body means legs, cardio and core seems pretty simple to understand. Now, you are seeing unfamiliar terms like “metabolic conditioning” and “athletic performance”. Hopefully, I can offer some assistance here.


What it is:  Hustle Month is when we focus on muscular endurance as opposed to muscular strength. This means that you will be seeing higher repetitions and lower weights during the workouts. You will most likely sweat more during this month of workouts, I recommend bringing a towel to wipe off in between stations or rounds.

The Rotation: Our five day rotation is a mirror image of our Muscle Month. Four days of hustle, one day of muscle. These days include Metabolic Conditioning, Endurance, Core Conditioning, Athletic Performance and Pillar Strength.


  • Metabolic Conditioning: On this day, it is likely the exercises will be worked for a set amount of time instead of repetitions. Working the same muscle group for an extended period of time throughout the round.

  • Endurance: This is our heavy cardio day. It is likely you will see one of our many cardio challenges on this day. Some challenges may be a 10-minute curve trade off, VersaClimber mile, or assault bike marathon. This day can also include one of our squat or push-up challenges.

  • Core Conditioning: Opposed to core-strength in muscle month, where we load the core muscles using variety of weighted exercises, during hustle month you will see body weight exercises and low weight core exercises with high repetitions. Love the burn, baby!

  • Athletic Performance: These days tend to be fast-paced and super fun! Expect to see agility ladders, cones and the sled. Explosive, power, change of direction and reaction time are the theme of these days. It’s like gym class all over again, but without the awkward changing in front of your school mates. If you played sports, you should feel right at home.

  • Pillar Strength: There are four pillars of strength: push/pull, level change, locomotion, and rotation. On this day, you will see an incorporation of all the pillars or a focus on one of them. This is the one day of the week the weights will be loaded back up and the repetitions lowered. Trust me, after four days of cardio you’ll be thankful for the heavy stuff.

As always the G+O Crew is available to answer your questions in house to clear any confusion up! Now that you know what to expect, go get your HUSTLE on!




Name: Josh Matthews

Nick Name: Joshy

G+O Personal Trainer

G+O Group Fitness Instructor

Usually upside down


Favorite Food: Peanut Butter

Favorite Quote: "The fear of failure is the fear of the chance to succeed."

Favorite Exercise: Medicine Ball Slam

If he had one super power it would be: All of them.

Current Goals: Taking over the world.

Why he works at G+O: Great environment with motivated people wanting to better their health. 



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