Hustle Month Nutrition

August 8, 2016

IT’S HUSTLE MONTH!! So, what should I be eating?


So we’ve all been there, we do a little extra cardio and then that cookie at the Seed looks much more delicious (and let's be real, if you chose the VersaClimber that day I’ll have a cookie with you).  Everything in moderation right?  Here’s what you should be eating during Hustle Month. 



First off, what the heck is Hustle Month?

This month we are focusing a bit more on muscular endurance, which is the muscle’s ability to maintain force production over a period of time.  Simply put, this is why you’re able to do 80 lunges with fifteen pounds.  You might spend a bit more time on the cardio equipment, but you’re also not giving your muscles as much rest between sets.


So what does this all mean in regards to the food we should be eating?

We should always be mindful of the goals we are trying to achieve and the energy needs of our bodies.  Nutrient dense food is always the better option to stay on track towards your fitness goals.



Carbs are what is going to fuel you through your G+O session during Hustle Month.  They fuel the exercise and help with recovery.  There are simple carbs (think sugar) and complex carbs (think whole grains and veggies).  They are a quick and easy energy source for the body to prevent fatigue and spare protein (we don’t want to break down our muscle). 

Think about eating simple carbs before your workout, but instead of the candy bar choose a fruit salad.  After your workout stick with the complex carbs (brown rice, veggies; minimally processed foods) to replenish the stores.



Protein, before and after your exercise session is important for maintaining and building muscle.  Studies have shown that protein powders aren’t any better or worse for us than whole food protein, so it’s really down to what you prefer and fits in your schedule.  Some examples would be eggs, meat and poultry, rice and beans, whey or casein protein powder.



Fats are the body’s energy provider during rest.  There is some research that shows fats post exercise may enhance the effects of protein and carbs.  Be mindful of the types of fats you consume.  You want to look for foods with poly- or mono-unsaturated fats.  These can be found in avocados, almonds, salmon, walnuts, olive and sunflower oils. 


Pre and post exercise meals should contain a mix of carbs, proteins and fats. shows this image as an example of what pre and post exercise meals should contain (males should consider doubling each).


Hydration, hydration, hydration!

The human body is 70% water, with most of it being found in the muscles.  Water has many functions of the body, which makes it critical to stay properly hydrated.  Water intake before, during and post exercise is very important, don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink!  Just remember ‘drink early, drink often.’ Monitor your urine throughout the day to ensure you are properly hydrated (should be pale in color).  Sports drinks and electrolyte replacement drinks are important if you plan on exercising longer than 2 hours.


Take Home Message

  • Eat complex carbs to be able to fuel your exercise session.  The higher the intensity you can maintain throughout your session the better the chance you’ll burn more fat post exercise. 

  • Protein before and, especially, after exercise is important in maintaining and building lean muscle. 

  • Be sure to know what kind of fats you’re eating, that’s what important. 

  • Drink early, drink often.


Andie is a recent graduate of 

Florida Atlantic University, where

she played D1 Volleyball. She is 

now one of our amazing DOFIs 

(Director of First Impressions) at 

G+O and FAU's newest coach. She

is also currently getting certified to 

be a Personal Trainer. When she is

not behind the front desk you may 

find her kickin' butt in class, coaching

her volleyball team, or playing at 

the beach! 

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