2017 Challenge: Breathe, Be Grateful.

December 31, 2016

If you’re interested in living life presently and fully then I suggest you continue reading.  This isn’t so much a blog as it is a formal challenge request.  The coming of the New Year is all about making resolutions and trying to make this year better than the last.  And the problem with many resolutions is that they are too broad focused and by the time February is here we’ve forgotten them.  Something you should know about BIG changes is that they come from many small changes over a long period of time.  Think about how valleys are formed, Mother Nature really knows what she’s doing.


So my challenge for you, should you accept, is to express gratitude in your daily life.  You’re probably asking why gratitude or how should I be doing this and we will get to that, but first I want to share an experience with you.


It’s easy in our day-to-day lives to fall into a cycle of complaints.  Your co-workers and peers probably don’t help either.  And once you’re in that cycle how do you get out?  Gratitude is superman when it comes to fighting this cycle.  The first time I was exposed to this was when I was in college playing beach volleyball.  One day our coach brought in a speaker to talk to us about heart breathing (one of the many techniques to factor gratitude into your life). 


You have 3 breaths and 3 things to think about to bring yourself into the present and get rid of the complaining.


1. Bring your focus to your heart.

2. Focus on the inhale and exhale.

3. Express a feeling of gratitude.


The simplest example of expressing gratitude is saying “thank you for letting me be here.”  So go ahead try it:


Inhale. As you exhale, say “Thank you for letting me be here.”


You feel that? Who knew something so simple could have such a profound effect.  So you don’t have to follow these steps because just being grateful for something can change your mood and combat the complaining and negative vibes around you.  I promise the more you’re in a positive mood, the better each day will be.


My challenge to you for 2017 is to express gratitude often.  When you reflect upon the day, look back and find as many things to be grateful as you can.  There doesn’t have to be a set number, if there was one thing today, there might be ten tomorrow. But the goal is to be grateful for something.  

Happy New Year!

-Andie Galinis

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