Strength Training for Fat Loss

March 28, 2017



That's right, strength training isn't just for the muscle heads and those trying to lift heavy things. It can be the engine that fuels your goals for leaning out and losing weight that you have been struggling with. 

Now don't get us wrong, cardiovascular training (interval training that is) plays a valuable role in this whole healthy living thing as well and is a valuable part of the equation, but maybe not the most important one.

The fact that we are Gravity + Oxygen inherently means we believe both are extremely important. 

Many people however rely too heavily on cardiovascular training when it comes to changing their bodies. Focusing solely on one division of fitness, means neglect of the other. 

If this is you, you may be missing out on some of the benefits of focusing just as much (and for some maybe more) on your resistance training. 

Check out the following 4 major benefits of resistance training and decide for yourself:


(1) You Burn Calories Even After Exercising: Because of how your body uses fuel when you are lifting weight intensely, it has to work to replenish this fuel when you are done. This means you don't JUST burn calories while doing it, but actually for a little while after your done. This concept, known as EPOC, occurs with intense resistance training as well as interval training. 


(2) You Handle Stress Better: Exercise of any kind helps to alleviate stress, but resistance training/muscle building has also shown to help return high blood pressure and stress hormone levels to normal faster than those who do not lift weights. This is important as elevated stress hormones can hinder fat loss! Stress less and lift more!


(3) Strength Training Promotes Healthy Hormone Levels: This means elevated production of things like growth hormone, testosterone, and healthier estrogen levels. Maintaining Hormone production, for both men and women, is our natural anti-aging fountain of youth. Sound good? Of course it does. 


(4) More Muscle Means a Higher Metabolism:  Building more muscle from lifting = burning more calories! Simple as that. Building a little bit of lean muscle can go a long way in the fat loss game, because it's like building an engine that runs at a higher level all day long! 


These are all great reasons to put a little bit of extra mental and physical energy into how much of your time and energy you place into resistance training. We are entering the end of the 1st quarter of 2017 so use it as a great time to evaluate your approach and decide where you could make improvements!


I have a feeling this are could be one of them. Want to get together with a Certified Coach/Trainer to discuss your goals for the coming year?


Schedule a Free Strategy Session with the G+O team, we are here to help!


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