Can I look Good and Drink My Wine?

Calling all my ladies out there....this one is for you!

We all know to drink alcohol in moderation for safety purposes, but the same rule applies for health and performance goals. Often my clients chat with me about this.. “ I can eat healthy and in small portions but I just love my wine! Can I still be in good shape, lose weight drinking wine?”


Well, just like  like anything else, wine has calories and those calories can add up quickly when you’re not paying attention to them. But that doesn’t mean you should not drink wine at all, at the end of the day finding a balance between your enjoyment and your health and nutrition is the key. Plus you are the decision maker, so read up so you can figure out what’s best for you. 


Ok, can I drink in "moderation"?


What is that anyways? 

Definitions vary around the world, but according to the United States Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, “moderate drinking” means, on average:

For women: up to seven drinks per week, with no more than three drinks on any single day.

For men: up to 14 drinks per week, with no more than four drinks on any single day.


What amount of alcohol balances enjoyment (and everyone around you becoming funnier) with your body’s ability to respond and recover from processing it is somewhat individual,  just like anything else. 

The moderate-vs-heavy guidelines are the experts’ best guess at the amount of alcohol that can be consumed with statistically minimal risk.


However, it doesn’t mean moderate drinking is risk free. 


Only YOU can decide what are your willing to trade off, what small changes are you willing to make or not, for example: 

Maybe you're willing to practice drinking more slowly and mindfully, but you’re not willing to decrease your total alcohol intake.

Maybe you’re trying to lose weight, so you’d consider drinking a little less. Like 2 beers instead of 3, but not 0.

Maybe you are willing to pour half of your glass of wine over ice and filling it the rest of the way with club soda (club soda has zero calories, so you can basically enjoy two wine cocktails for the same number of calories in one glass of wine).

Maybe you are willing to share a glass with someone (did you know you can ask your server/bartender to do that?).


Since drinking wine is less about how much is in our glass and more about the


experience, so sharing a glass is just as enjoyable as ordering our own. This is a great way to not only control your calories, but also to try something new that you might not otherwise be willing to spend your money on.

Maybe you are willing to swap quantity for quality...drink less but more of the good stuff.

Maybe you are willing to wait 10 minutes before your next glass to see if you still want it. 


Ok, you like numbers and you want to know exactly how many calories are there in a glass of wine?


A gram of alcohol has 7 calories per gram. Wines with a higher alcohol content have more calories than wines with a lower alcohol content.


The basic formula used to calculate the calories in wine is as follows:
% of Alcohol  X  Ounces  X  1.6  =  Calorie Content

So a six-ounce glass of wine that has an ABV of 15% has about 144 calories compared to a six-ounce glass of wine that has an ABV of 12%, which has about 115 calories. 


Here's a chart with some of the most popular grapes listed by the number of calories per 5 ounce glass, according to the USDA.


The list starts with Monastrelli and works its way down to the lowest calories wines.

Monastrelli - 130 calories
Sangiovese - 126 calories
Cabernet Franc - 123 calories
Chardonnay - 123 calories
Cabernet Sauvignon - 122 calories
Merlot - 122 calories
Pinot Grigio - 122 calories
Syrah - 122 calories
Grenache - 122 calories
Pinot Noir - 120 calories 
Riesling - 120 calories
Sauvignon Blanc - 120 calories
Chenin Blanc - 118 calories
Gewurztraminer - 118 calories
Gamay - 114 calories





Don’t drink wine if…

The reason for drinking is that you are stressed out..... (or) you saw an ad on Facebook about the benefits of drinking wine......(or) other people around you don’t want to drink alone........(or) you want to be as cool as an Italian sommelier.


Drink if it truly adds enjoyment and pleasure to your life! 


We’re all for setting healthy goals and working hard to achieve your desired results, but that doesn’t mean that completely eliminating the things you love is necessarily the answer.


By being aware of calories and making small changes to control your intake we can find balance between working hard, looking good and enjoying yourself!


Come talk to one of our nutrition coaches if you would like to take a step further on your nutrition goals! 



Flavia Fernandes

Wine Drinker & Fitness Enthusiast

G+O Fit Pro + Nutrition Coach


Want to know more about changing your body but finding balance in the process? You can reach Flavia at with questions and insight on how to make it happen!


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