To Eat Fruit Or Not Eat Fruit... That Is The Question.

One question we get pretty often: I’m trying to lose weight, should I cut out fruit?


You may have heard that you shouldn't eat fruit, you should eat fruit, it's too much sugar and it gets in the way of trying to lose weight or that it's the same as eating a candy bar. Fruit does have sugar, it is a carbohydrate and it is a simple carbohydrate. That does not mean it is inherently bad for you. The sugars you get from whole foods, such as fruits, don't act the same in your body as refined sugars you get from processed foods.  Along with that, fruit is nutrient dense, meaning it has vitamins and minerals that your body requires. It’s not the same as the empty sugar calories you’d get in a candy bar. I wouldn't say fruit is bad and that you should avoid it, but when you are planning your meals or packing your food for the day be mindful of it. As a general rule of thumb, always try to have more vegetables than fruits. 


You are going to get good vitamins and minerals, but it is going to have less sugar (and calories) if you stay heavier on the vegetables and lighter on your fruits.


While we are on fruits, let's move into talking about snacks.  If you are super hungry between meals, you should definitely eat snacks throughout the day. And fruit is usually a tasty, easy, convenient option. Vegetables are too, but who wants to walk around munching on an onion? It’s just not the same as an apple. Since fruits are simple carbohydrates, they are going to get used up for energy pretty quickly.


Have you ever eaten a banana and are more hungry after it’s done? That’s why we need to mix macros! You’ll feet best if you combine a fat or a protein with it. This combo will keep you feeling fuller and more satisfied.


I am super picky and if it’s not easy I’m not going to eat it. I have a list of go-to mixed snacks that I can always have on hand so I never have to be starving throughout the day:


Carrots + Hummus

Celery + Peanut Butter

Apple + Almonds

Banana + Almond Butter

Berries + Yogurt


Try combinations of your own that you like and can easily have available. Mix your healthy fat and/or protein with your carbohydrates! You will stay fuller longer and you'll get a little more variety in what you are eating. 


Megan Drake

G+O Fitness Professional

G+O Nutrition Coach


Queen-Bee Picky Eater


Works out to balance out

her chocolate cake obsession 


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