G+O Out Healthy: Oceans 234 Restaurant

Let me start by saying that eating out doesn’t have to unhealthy. Just like everything else, you have to figure out the balance between enjoyment and a nutritious selection.


We get it, you're a real person and also want to enjoy life. That's why I wanted to highlight one of our great local restaurants and give you some direction on some healthy and delicious options to choose from at Oceans 234 in Deerfield Beach.


Plus a few simple tips to focus on while eating out in general. Enjoy!




Let’s imagine, your friend just invited you to go grab a bite with ocean view, catching up fun conversation and yummy food...how can you say no to that? Oh wait, you are thinking now “ I CANT GET OUT OF MY DIET” ….you have been doing so well on your nutrition and exercise habits and you feel like you can’t enjoy a good conversation with ocean view??


Ok, let’s not get crazy, there are some healthy and balanced meals at Oceans 234, plus you can always share a meal and an appetizer ( healthy one too).  Let’s go over some specific dishes from their menu and general tips while trying to figure out what to eat while eating out.


My healthy favorites from Oceans 234 menu:  


1) First things first - Mezze Platter: charred baba ganoush, hummus of the day, cucumber slices, and grilled pita. You can make it even healthier by asking for more cucumber slices instead of pita. Great appetizer to share, and a nice vegetarian option.


2) Salads: Superfood Chop ( from the lunch menu): grilled chicken,

chickpeas, edamame, apples, beets, almonds, quinoa, baby kale. Dressing: honey thyme dressing, made with lemon, thyme, dijon mustard, white vinegar, salt and pepper.Option to ask for dressing on the side or just olive oil and vinegar. Well balanced and great macronutrient sources.


3) Sushi: Tuna Poke: avocado, cucumber, mango, macadamia, jalapeno, crispy plantain. Very light and refreshing. Loved the mixed avocado, mango and tuna together!!


4) Land & Sea: Pesto and Tomato Roasted Snapper:  zoodles, olives, artichokes, fra diavolo sauce. Great protein source ( and  of course delicious with the pesto sauce) plus a healthy side (zoodles :zucchini noodles). Good portion size and also light feeling at the end, not that stuffed feeling after eating a big bowl of pasta.


5) Brunch: Sundried Tomato Fritatta: baby kale, feta, egg whites, side of fruit, served with multigrain toast. Great option for that late breakfast on the weekends, when you don’t feel like cooking but still want to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast.


There are also some good side options that you can ask to substitute for any other sides that might not be as healthy, like the Grilled cauliflower steak, cauliflower rice (tri-color cauliflower). And they have an entire Gluten free menu!


If you are not a fan of some of the options I personally liked and shared, here are some general tips:

  • Order items steamed and dry with sauce and dressing on the side.

  • Don’t eat until you’re stuffed. Enjoy your meal, eat mindfully and slowly.Take it home if you are full instead of feeling obligated to clean the plate.

  • Focus on veggies. Mix in some lean protein and starchy carbs if desired.

  • Add a bit of healthy fat.


I hope next time a friend texts you about going out to Oceans 234 for a bite you feel more relaxed and confident that you can choose healthy options from their menu, eat mindfully, and enjoy life!


***Want more personal help with creating a realistic nutrition plan to still enjoy life and make progress on your fitness? Click here to speak with one of our amazing nutrition coaches!




Flavia Fernandes

Avid Bruncher & Fitness Enthusiast

G+O Fit Pro + Nutrition Coach


Interested in learning more about finding balance in your social life and feeling great about your health? Reach out to Flavia with any questions at flavia@gravityandoxygen.com

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