Motivation: Why Not Ride the Wave?


What's up guys.  Joe Drake here with Gravity + Oxygen Fitness, and as we get into the end of 2017 and we start to plan and think about what we want to achieve in our health and fitness for 2018, I want to talk to you guys about motivation.


More specifically I want you to picture motivation as a wave. Constantly building up and then rolling back down.


Sometimes it may come in sets or you get a huge wave, but constantly changing.

So now that you have a visual I want you to picture your level of motivation on that wave (or series of waves) throughout the year.


Rather than beating yourself up when your motivation is low throughout the year, what about planning for the ups and downs?


It might be a different approach than what you’re used to, but if you haven’t made the progress that you are looking for from year to year then maybe that’s exactly what you need.


Hey guess what? It's the beginning of the year, we're really motivated and then we get further into the year, some things happen at work and throw you off course.


Then before you know it summer comes, we have some vacations, and everyone’s wave starts to look a little bit different. The wave may last longer for some than others starting in January but like every wave, it will come down at some point.


The key is just knowing when to paddle and when to relax and ride the wave so you can minimize how long your dips last and maximize how far those waves take you.  

If you can approach 2018 knowing that you are human and motivation isn’t always going to be there, then you can start to think about working in campaigns.


It might seem counterproductive, but you could be better off planning to make progress for a few months and then enjoying life and dialing things back a bit.

The key is to make it a planned “dial back” and not a month long detour that leads you so far off track there is no coming back.


I have found that when we plan on the dips in motivation and intensity of our plan throughout the year, we allow ourselves to continually re-commit long term without totally veering off path.


The key to this approach is getting to know yourself.


If you were really honest with yourself, what is it that keeps you motivated and get’s you juiced up? Also, when you do fall off of your plans, what usually causes it?

If you can hone in on some of these patterns (and we are all full of them) then you can use your motivators to keep you going at times of the year when you might normally falter.


Want to know what these are? Take a look at this past year and try to identify those times and then also identify those times when you had big waves or drop offs in commitment and motivation. Write them down and then spend some time writing down why it happened.


This is the beginning of being able to create your own strategies that will make 2018 the year that you become a force to be reckoned with! Doing this might make you realize that you need more structure and constant accountability to stay motivated on your plan.


If so, then you definitely aren’t alone. We understand that people need additional motivation and the accountability of others; exactly why we created the Good 2 Great Team Challenge in the first place. For so many of us, there is something special about going the path with others that elevates what we are capable of.   


You've got this whole extrinsic motivation thing on the outside and then the intrinsic side that keeps you going from the inside. Deep down, we really want everyone to be intrinsically motivated to exercise but in the real world (where you live) sometimes life takes over and we need a little extra nudge from other things.


If you’ve never done one before, maybe this is where programs like Good 2 Great can take you to the next level! What would you think about six weeks of getting dialled in and focused on what it is you're trying to achieve? Maybe it's losing body weight, body fat, or maybe it's gaining a little bit of muscle.


The key trick I have found is that you are doing it with other people where you are socially engaged and you are also socially obligated.  You have a team of people who are not just relying upon you, but they are looking for you to be successful and they are excited about helping you get there.  


So, the idea is not to fall off after six weeks but to allow something like this to be a kickstart to the height and length of the wave you are riding as the year goes on. 

It's all about staying motivated for the long haul and that just might look a little bit different for each of us.


2018 is going to be a wave, no way around it!


How are you going to get momentum going so that you come into that wave paddling your face off?


When you get knocked off of your board, how quickly will you be able to get back up?



These are the questions that will determine whether or not this is just another year, or one in which you make the kind of life changing progress you’re looking for.


Best of luck out there and don’t forget to watch out for sharks!


Joe Drake

Fitness Lifeguard + Surf Instructor

Want more information on the Good 2 Great January Challenge mentioned above? Click here or check-out the video below from one of our previous challenges! You can also reach out to us directly at (or) 561.756.8637



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