Build Your Own At-Home Workout

December 13, 2017

Sometimes we make excuses to not get to the gym and sometimes we have legitimate reasons that prevent us from going somewhere to get our workout in. No matter the reason you can still get a workout in at home, you don’t even have to have any equipment. Follow these steps to create a butt-kicking, calorie-scorching workout that you can do anywhere!


Step 1: Get loose. Start with some easy, moving stretches to get your joints feeling good and muscles primed for high intensity movements. Start from the ground and work your way up. Any calm, low-impact movements are good here: roll out your ankles, squat low and slow, lunge to open up the hip flexors, stretch out the back of your legs, rotate your torso, roll the shoulders forward and backward, hold a short plank. The list could go on, but the key points are to get in easy, feel-good, low-impact, mobility work.


Step 2: Get warm. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes (the longer the workout, the shorter the warm up can be) and choose a cardiovascular exercise that can get your heart rate up, blood pumping, and muscles working harder than your mobility. Get moving outside by starting with a power walk and working your way up to a jog. If you’re feeling good and warm, try increasing your speed to a run by the end of the warm up. You can always combine some walk/run intervals in there. (If you have cardio equipment try an elliptical, jumping rope or biking.)


Step 3: Select your exercises. Use the list below and choose 6-10 body weight that you can combine into your workout. Choose a couple from each category so you get a well-rounded, full body workout.


Upper Body










  Lower Body





























































































Step 4: Choose your circuit style. Design your workout as either one larger or multiple smaller circuits. Let’s say you chose 9 exercises, you can do all 9 one time through and repeat the full circuit for 3-4 rounds. You could also group exercises in to three sets of three and complete each set for 3-4 rounds. Neither is right or wrong / better or worse, it’s really up to your preference. After you decide how you will complete your circuit, set either a repetition or time goal for each exercise. The best thing is to keep it simple: do all your exercises for 30-60 seconds or all of them for 10-30 reps. As you move on to your second and third or maybe even fourth set, you can decrease the time/reps to accommodate for your fatigue.


Step 5: Cool down. Similar to the “get loose” at the start of the program, end your workout with some feel-good movements and stretches. Take about 5-10 minutes here, give yourself some time to get your heart rate back down before you get back to whatever you’ve got next.


Here’s an example you can do or use to inspire your next workout at home:

Get Loose: Watch this video! 

Warm Up: Walk 2 minutes, jog 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.


Set #1: Air squat x 20 reps, push ups x20 reps, X-ups x20 reps, rest 20 seconds (repeat 3 times)

Set #2: Lateral Lunge x 20 reps, shoulder push ups x20 reps, straight leg crunches x20 reps, rest 20 seconds (repeat 3 times)

Set #3: Jumping jacks x20 reps, side plank hip drops x 20 reps, mountain climbers x20 reps, walking plank x 20 reps (repeat 3 times)

Cool down: Stretch it out! 



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Build Your Own At-Home Workout

December 13, 2017

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