3 Reasons You're Not Making Progress

August 1, 2018

Feel like you’re working hard to change your body but aren’t seeing any progress? Here’s 3 reasons why:


1. You’re not making changes.  


Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.  


If you haven’t made any significant changes lately, you probably aren’t seeing any new progress.


Any change we make, especially when trying to change your body, usually works for a while but then we start to plateau. This might happen for two reasons.


The first one can sometimes be that we just need a little kick of honesty (no judgement) about the fact that we aren’t sticking to the changes we set out to make. Research shows that our brain is pretty selective and inaccurate in recalling information, like how well we have been sticking to the changes. We’re great at convincing ourselves that it’s ok not to stick to our plans….so don’t let you talk yourself out of it.


The second is that our body loves homeostasis. It loves to maintain an even keel, which is why it adapts to the exercise and nutritional changes we put it through, so that it can re-establish a new “set point.” This might mean that what was once challenging to your system just no longer is.   


Once the results stop coming it’s time to re-evaluate the variables and decide what to shift or change.


This can apply to anything: your workout routine, the weights you’re using in the gym, and most importantly... your nutrition.


The change you decide to make doesn’t even have to be huge or seem all that significant, something small that makes you even just a little bit healthier can have some significant results down the road.


2. You don’t have an end goal.


Often times when it comes to fitness, it’s easy to lose focus. Since “being healthy” is a lifestyle that doesn’t end, we can get in ruts and just go through the motions.


Having an end goal you are working towards gives each workout, each healthy meal, and each sacrifice a purpose. This usually keeps you motivated and makes it easier to stay on track.


When you have a deadline, there’s an end in sight, so you can work that much harder for just a little bit longer. We’re all about the intrinsic motivation to be healthy but sometimes we need the carrot on a stick and there’s nothing wrong with that.


These end goals can be events you want to wear that tight dress to or that beach trip you want to feel good with your shirt off.


If you don’t have something on your horizon, make it up. Spend some time digging in and thinking about what will get you fired up about things again. Give yourself a challenge, set a date for some results and plug away at it until you get there.


3. You’re not recovering.


We’ve heard that rest days are just as important as workout days, and that is totally true. Usually taking a day off a week from the gym (at least!) is manageable.


What may be a little more challenging is dealing with day-to-day stressors and getting enough sleep.


These are components of recovery that are often over looked and undervalued.


Having a lot of stress is your life also means having a lot of stress in your body. It doesn’t really know the difference. Inside of the body it means higher levels of a hormone called cortisol.


When you’re levels are too high it makes it harder to lose body fat, suppresses your immune system, and can contribute to the breakdown of your hard earned muscle. All of which don’t allow you to be your healthiest self.


To keep your cortisol levels healthy make sure to get enough sleep, participate in stress-relieving activities (yoga, walks, getting outside) and prioritize spending time with friends and loved ones.


In summary, if you want to see progress what you have to do is simple: make a change, set a deadline to stick to it, and prioritize your recovery just as much as you do with your time in the gym.


Almost sounds too easy right? The equation to being healthy isn’t really that complicated but the challenging part is staying on track when you don’t have a coach or community to keep you accountable.


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