Hustle Month @ G+O

August 1, 2018

Hustle Month is your chance to pick up the pace of your workouts and get into some strong aerobic conditioning. It may feel like more "cardio," and that's partially because it is, but that doesn't mean we ditch the resistance training. All it means is that with your strength exercises, you're working with lighter weights to reach a higher number of reps, you still can push yourself to some heavy resistance though! You may be on cardio pieces for a little longer and get less rest during class, but take advantage of the change of pace... it's time to shred! 


Usually classes in Hustle Month aren't as straight forward as our Muscle Month days like Upper Body Strength and Lower Body Strength, but don't fear! Read through our descriptions so you know what you're getting yourself into: 


Metabolic Conditioning: The goal of a metabolic conditioning workout is to target a specific energy system of the body. There are 3 different systems: ATP-CP Energy System & Glycolytic Energy System, both of which do not require the presence of oxygen to produce energy; and the Aerobic Energy System, which does require the presence of oxygen to produce energy. The energy system we are targeting will depend on the amount of work time to rest time ratio. As a result, during this day you’ll be performing exercises for set amounts of time instead of reps with small rest periods in between. To further elaborate, we are trying to increase your metabolic rate, in other words the amount of calories burned per unit of time. To increase this metabolic rate, we utilize compound exercises which require the use of multiple joints and thus requiring more energy to be used through out the movement. More energy used equates to more calories burned. As a result, you will be using large muscles groups with high intensity during this day. 



Endurance: The general term of endurance is your ability to exert yourself and keep performing for longer periods of time. We can apply that to your muscles for muscular endurance, this means you'll be performing strength exercises with lighter resistance for longer periods of time or lots of reps. You may also see this applied to cardio equipment, where you can be on a certain pieces for 5 or more minutes rather than just short sprints. To dive a little deeper into it; your muscles are composed of two types of muscle fibers. These higher reps will be targeting your slow-twitch muscle fibers which are built to endure for longer periods of time and more resistant to fatigue, however they also generate less force than the fast-twitch muscle fibers! The fast twitch muscle fibers generate more force production which are used in our strength movements, but they fatigue more quickly. This is why we utilize lighter weights along with the higher rep ranges to specifically train for that endurance. 



Athletic Performance: These workouts are all about what we like to describe as “Adult P.E”. During these classes you will be focusing on performing movements that challenge your speed, agility, ability to make quick changes of direction, balance, and explosiveness! Everyone in the gym will become athletes! All these focuses help to make an athlete perform at higher qualities on the field, and even though you may not play a sport, these skills will still be useful in everyday training or even daily activities (like keeping up with those little balls of energy that keep you on your toes everyday- yes, I mean kids!). You’ll see all our fun toys out this day including the agility ladder for some fancy foot work, cones, rings and even the sled! Come ready for some fast-paced fun and lots of sweating!



Core Conditioning: Abs, abs baby! Today will be all about honing in on that core. Unlike in Muscle Month though when we load up the weight, again you’ll notice we encourage lighter weights to pair with higher reps. You’ll be moving through faster paced movements for a higher amount of reps to engage those slow-twitch fibers and challenge your core. Everyone only thinks of those visible ab muscles when it comes to training the core, but we target ALL TRUNK muscles! The full 360! So besides bringing out that six pack (if it’s not already popping!) this will promote better posture throughout your day helping to reduce pains you may experience from everyday wear and tear. You'll most likely experience a good mix of cardio intervals to break up all the ab work.



Pillar Strength: Don't worry, we don't ditch the strength training every other month. You get a strength day at least once a week to make sure you're still focused on those #gainz. To ensure you’re training not only harder but smarter as well, we make sure to incorporate the four pillars of effective training: push/pull, level change, locomotion and rotation. All of these pillars are essential to be present in a training routine because the body experiences all ranges of motion, so we should train them too. Our focus here is to get the body moving in all planes to maximize the benefits of your training in not only any extracurricular physical activity (sports, marathon, spartan races, etc.) but your daily life as well. Take advantage of it as this is the one day you get to load up on the weight and slow those movements down to focus on challenging your true strength.


G+O regulars, just like the staff, come to have their favorite classes. Each format is important for a well-rounded training approach. Now that you know what to expect from each class, go in with a prepared mindset to really give it all you got. Happy hustling! 

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