Feeling The Mom Guilt?

September 3, 2018

We've all been there...


You get pregnant, watch your body change, notice your energy start slimming out and then your focus shifts completely towards the new life you're creating.


Then once that little bundle of joy arrives, the body changes continue, the energy for anything other than baby is gone and your life is now being lived for someone else.


Eventually it all settles, and you find a reasonable balance... but the biggest change, the big "G" is there for good... Guilt.


You now feel guilty for caring for anything other than your baby. Yes, it's real. And yes, you're in it for life. Nobody talks about it, but we've all felt it, it’s the truth.


We get it!


But as we've been going through it, we've found out that we absolutely need to care for ourselves so we can do a better job at caring for others. Making sure you're healthy will give you more energy, keep you in a better mood, and most importantly... help keep you sane!


If you don’t take care of yourself then nobody else will.


We've come to realize, one hour of the 24 we get in a day can and should be used for you and only you. One hour of being "selfish" in exchange for another 23 of being completely selfless... you can't really feel guilty for that, can you?


We challenge you to this: look through your busy schedule and find that hour each day that can consistently be yours. Find it because you want to find it, not because you have to.


You're ready to finally allow yourself to enjoy one hour a day to take care of you. In that hour away from your family, to-do list and stressors you know that this decision will end up making you a better mom. I know it, because I have been there.


Now where are you going to use your hour? Big decision! 


What's going to bring you instant gratification and everlasting results? We believe you need to find your happy exercise opportunity. Most importantly you have to plan it out and commit to it.


Running, walking on the beach, going to the gym... find your happy (stress-free!) place.


Get a friend to join you or maybe join group classes where you can make friends with other women who are also going through the same phase of life or have already been there before.


Take baby steps if you need to. But take some action today. Your body and mind will thank you. Your child and family will thank you, too.


Take action now:


1. Get your "My Hour" on my schedule.


2. Schedule a Strategy Session at G+O to create your plan of attack. 


3. Spread the love - encourage some friends to do the same and join you! (It will make working out a lot more fun!)

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