GO Outside: Take Your Workout Outdoors


One of my favorite types of workouts especially in sunny South Florida is exercising outdoors. Although I do love taking full advantage of gyms like G+O and all the amazing equipment and coaches (not to mention the A/C lol) that goes in them, there’s nothing better than taking the hard work outside. I especially love working out outside when I feel like I’m in need of a change of setting and a fresh perspective. Taking the workout outdoors is great because I get to enjoy nature and fresh air while challenging my body’s abilities. 


Check out some of my favorite reasons for occasionally take things outside and changing up my normal routine, as well as some things to keep in mind. 


Mental Edge

Along with challenging your body’s abilities, working out in nature also helps to challenge your mind. Working out with some fresh air and nature around may be what someone needs to help become re-calibrated as far as motivation goes.


Going to an indoor gym day after day can become repetitive if you aren't IN LOVE with lifting weights. I believe the mind also needs to be challenged just like the body.


Another benefit to exercising outdoors is it allows us to even take a little break from our technology driven days.


Every part of life and society today is surrounded by impressive technology and advances, but too much screen time can be a killer. 


While these advances in technology are a wonderful thing, the mind needs to detach. Enjoying nature while working out is a great opportunity to do so. 


No Equipment Needed

Exercising outdoors is so simple, just about anyone can do it with ease.


Some locations that are great for outdoor workouts are the beach, a public park, bleachers, any stairwell, the track, or even multilevel parking garages. Any sidewalk or grassy area works just as well though!


You don't need much, just you and the right space.


You can totally go free-bird here and make it all body weight. You'll still get a killer workout with the right moves. 


If I had to add a few pieces in then I'd say you can create a butt-busting workout with a timer, resistance bands, jump rope, and obviously your favorite motivational music!


Be Safe!

While getting in that workout outside is very easy to do there are also some challenges that one may have to face.


When working out in the heat of sunny South Florida like myself, heat exposure is something that everyone needs to be smart about! (And obviously the sun can burn you, load up on your SPF!)


While working out in the heat and humidity the body goes into over drive trying to produce more sweat to keep itself cool.


The body produces sweat to keep itself cool which means it can easily become dehydrated if the individual is not re-hydrating before, during, and after the workout.


Don't be a glutton for punishment, try and get your outdoor workouts in at the beginning orend of the day when it's cooler outside.


My favorite times to complete an outdoor workout would be in the morning before 10am or the evening after 5pm. 


After 10am and before 5pm is usually the hottest times of the day due to the sun being at its highest point in the sky. So pick your times wisely and always stay hydrated! 


Since just doing cardio outdoors can become boring and repetitive after a while, my favorite way to spice it up is to add some sort of resistance training in between the cardiovascular moves.


My absolute favorite outdoor workout would have to be workouts at the FAU (GO Owls!) Stadium where I can easily put them both together.


My simple recipe will be to run stairs somewhere between 2-4 minutes at a time and then mix in some push ups or squats for 60 seconds. Repeat this at least 5-6 times and viola! Simple but killer!


There is an endless amount of combinations and types of workouts that can be completed outdoors, but something like this could be a great way to get you started. 


I will always be a huge supporter of outdoor workouts to anyone that I come in contact with. I believe outdoor workouts make it fun and easy for anyone to get active or stay active.....even if they aren't so fortunate to make it in with us for workouts at the GO House!


So get outdoors, get a tan (not a burn!), sweat hard, and most importantly HAVE FUN! 



Rachael is part of the DOFI Team at G+O Fitness as well as an Exercise Science student at Florida Atlantic University. She is also studying to become a personal trainer before graduation. When she's not studying away learning more about the human body you can find her running bleachers at the FAU campus!

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