Benefits of Working Out in the Middle Of The Day

December 6, 2018

If you read this blog about working out in the morning, you are probably thinking there is no point of working out any other time of the day.


Not so fast, there are plenty of benefits of working out at various times of the day outside of first thing in the morning. If you have the opportunity to cut loose from work or your busy schedule in the middle of the day, a lunch time sweat session also has many benefits!


Just because you are not working out first thing in the morning, does not mean you should kick the habit of waking up early.


Sure, you can sleep a couple extra minutes, but don’t reach for that snooze button and use that extra time in the morning to sleep in. Cook yourself a healthy breakfast to kickstart the day, take time to put together your gym bag and catch up on the latest news instead of rushing out of the door.


There is no doubt that everyone is super productive for the first few hours of work and then the day starts to drag in the afternoon.  Instead of trotting down to the breakroom for lunch, get out of the building, make your way down to the gym and get a sweat on before heading back into the office.


The change of scenery, stress relief of a workout and a hot shower will make it feel like you are going into work for the first time, with a second wind of productivity to attack the rest of the day.


We all know by now that being sedentary is the silent killer. Many times we can go hours without getting up from our desk without even realizing it. Having a midday workout encourages us to get out from behind our desk and get moving.


The risk of cardiovascular disease increases with every passing hour that you are in your chair (it's really quite scary actually). Reset your sedentary timer by attacking a lunchtime workout.


As I mentioned earlier, working out is a natural stress relief. I won’t get into the science between release of endorphins and specific hormones but there is no argument that we are in a better mood after workout.


If you are feeling stressed with your day, a customer got on your nerves, your workload is piling up, you've been in the car for hours, someone in car line put you in a nasty mood, a work out may be what you need to get out some aggression. Heading back to your daily routine after doing a some medicine ball slams and battle ropes may not seem as bad!


The last I will mention which may seem obvious but it's a big deal. Right after work, you can head straight home! You will be surprised by how long being home an extra hour earlier will change your day.


You may be inspired to go for an after work run, take your dog to the park, cook a healthy dinner or even just spending some time with your loved ones (pet included!) while you just chill.


Don’t underestimate the benefits of the midday workout. If you have the opportunity come try one of our lunch crunch classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and see how much better your day is!


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