Make Time Go By Faster Doing Cardio


If you are anything like me endurance training is probably not very high on your list of things you love to do.


Don’t worry! You aren’t alone and I’m here to make that dreadful run, row, bike, or climb just a little bit more exciting.


Lifting weights is cool and all but depending on how you do it, it may not exactly match up to cardiovascular training in terms of living a longer life or having a healthy heart.


So, as much as you may or may not enjoy it, cardio must be done. Lets go over some ways to make these endurance training sessions more interesting…


It’s always beneficial to have a overall goal in mind.


Having this big goal gives you something to work for, I like to call it the “Drive factor”.


This can be as simple as, I want to run a mile in 8 minutes or I want to do a half mile on the versa climber in 25 minutes. This is an example of a practical goal that can be achieved with a little hard work!


Now, with any big goal you should always have slightly smaller goals that could be achieved throughout the entire endurance workout. Kind of like steps that get you to the top of the flight of stairs.


So if my big goal is to run a mile in 8 minutes my smaller step may be to run each quarter mile in 2 minutes. To get even smaller than that, I may track my progress every 100 meters and make sure I can finish that in 30 seconds.


Now every 30 seconds I’m giving myself new information as far as where I am in relation to my overall goal. If I’m faster than 30 seconds I know I can slow down a little bit and save some energy. If I’m not quite reaching that 100 meters by 30 seconds I know that I need to turn it up a notch and speed up the pace.


These small goals give you something to think about while you go (or suffer through) and can make the time much more enjoyable.


A fun way to go about it is setting a goal based on the songs you’re listening to.


During the chorus try to give a high intensity effort as this is generally the more up-beat or exciting part of the song, once the chorus is over try toning it down a notch into a slow relaxed pace until the chorus comes back on.


This interval style of training gives your heart rate a chance to elevate during the high intensity phases and then lower back down during the low intensity stages allowing your body experience all of the different energy pathways.


It helps when you know the words of the song that is playing, that way you can take your mind off the actual workout and focus on having a blast listening to your favorite tunes.


The best way to make time go by a bit faster is to grab a friend and set a goal to beat them.


A little friendly competition never hurt anybody but it definitely makes you push just a tad bit harder!


Plus, a little conversation (if you can even talk!) will help pass the time and take your mind off the cardio you're doing. 


With Go 4 the Gold underway, try utilizing these techniques. It may just be what gets you through these crazy endurance challenges! 




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