10 Easy Nutrition Tips To Start Doing Today

Coach Josh here, and I want you to know that despite popular belief, nutrition does not have to be hard.


I know sometimes taking that first step can be the hardest to changing your lifestyle, I also know that making a big change all at once doesn’t lead to sustainable changes.


To help you out, I put together what I believe to be ten simple and easy nutrition tips that you can get started on today.


Even if you only pick one or two to start off with, you are on path greatness and living a healthier lifestyle.


1. Avoid Liquid Calories. Often fruit juices, soda and alcohol are consumed without considering the calories attached to them. Pairing your dinner with a glass of coke can turn your 500 calorie dinner into 650. Try replacing your average soda, juice or alcohol beverages with water for your meals and during your day. This will quench your thirst and as an added benefit help stop you from overeating.


2. Go Nuts. Nuts are super nutritious and filled with healthy fats. Some studies have even shown that nuts can increase your metabolism. There are a wide variety of nuts that all have nutritious benefits, one being that they help keep you fuller longer. Find one that it is your favorite and pack it as a healthy snack.


3. Avoiding processed food, eat real whole foods instead. Processed food is designed to be tasty and addicting, often leading us to eat more than we need or even want to. In addition, they are not as nutritious, leaving us bloated and not as nourished. You’ve probably heard “Shop the edges of the grocery store” before and it does help you avoid processed food. See if you can fill your grocery cart by circling the grocery store first before diving into the isles.


4. Sleep more. Not getting enough sleep can really mess with your hormones and get you off balance. Insulin resistance can increase throwing your appetite out of whack, lack of energy for working out and inability to focus throughout the day. The average person does not get enough sleep, make sure that you do. Set a time for yourself as a “wind down period” where you start preparing your body for sleeping. Electronics such as smartphones, tablets and television tell the body to stay awake. Turning off the electronics an hour before you sleep can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. You can use this time to relax, catch up on a favorite book, or even some distraction free stretching!


5. Drink water. Staying hydrated is important, it can also help you manage your appetite and avoid snacking. You’d be surprised how often you can avoid the munchies by just having a large glass of water and waiting 10 minutes. Water also helps your bodily functions perform better by keeping the vessels lubricated and helping the cells transport nutrients. You may think that you drink enough water, I mean, you carry your favorite YETI everywhere you go. But try to keep a count of how many times you actually refill that cup or use an app to track water intake.


6. Eat fruits and vegetables. Almost everyone thinks of fruits and vegetables when eating healthy. They are filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Plus, they're a delicious and nutrition whole-food that are usually easy to eat on the go. You should be having fruits or vegetables with every meal of the day. Get creative and have a variety throughout the day and throughout the week.


7. Avoid fad diets, or diets all together. Diets are often temporary, the weight loss is usually found after the diet ends and then goes right back on. The internet is constantly feeding you success stories of fad diets but often do not include all the details or show them results after one month. What we are interested in are results that will last a lifetime and not the short term. Try to make lifestyle changes instead that fall in line with making better, healthier choices.


8. Exercise regularly. Having a consistent workout regimen of exercising three to five times a week is optimal for fat loss. Make sure you are making time for exercise, not only will it help you see physical changes in your body but it is also mentally rewarding as well. Being physically active 30 minutes a day or an hour a few times a week is all you need to start seeing changes.

9. Eat mindfully. Try to avoid distractions while eating food, if you are scrolling social media, watching tv or doing other tasks while eating, you may miss the cues that your body is telling you that you are full. Most of the time we eat too fast and overeat before our body knows it.


10. Get rid of temptations. Keeping your “weakness” foods that you know are bad for you out of the house and out of reach can help you reach your goals. When you have to go to the store instead of the pantry for that chocolate chip cookie, you will most likely pass on it instead. Have a clearing of your temptation foods or place them somewhere where you don’t usually look when you are hungry and stock up on healthier snack choices. Out of sight, out of mind. 


As I mentioned before, and hopefully you can see now, good nutrition does not have to be hard.


Take a couple of these easy tips and see which ones you can implement into your current lifestyle.


If you want more help, just click here to learn more about nutrition coaching at G+O.


You'll have more and faster success if you're not going at it alone.



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