5 Tips To Stay Healthy (And Still Enjoy) This 4th Of July

4th of July is all about celebrating our freedom.

Naturally that means backyard bbq’s and beach party shenanigans!  


Keep in mind - just because we’re lucky to live in the land of the free doesn’t mean the calories we inhale that day are free too.


I want you to have fun and and enjoy yourself because…..let’s be real it really is just one day and one meal. But don’t go overboard and turn it into an all-out day of dumping your gains down the drain with poor choices.


This holiday, try these 5 tips to stay healthy (and still enjoy) your 4th of July Freedom Fest.


1. Ditch the buns (no not yours silly). Hot dogs, hamburgers and pulled pork aren’t meats that you have to completely avoid; but an easy hack to keep the calories down is to ditch the bread. Call it “animal style” and benefit from still feeling full from the protein and fat content while keeping calories down; obviously leaving a little more left over for your cocktail of choice.  


2. Indulge in just 1 thing. As you celebrate, choose either alcohol or dessert instead of going for both. Odds are these are things you want rather than need, so have a game plan and decide ahead of time which one you’re going to enjoy. This gives you guilt free permission while keeping s



ome controls on your tendency to go HAM in all directions.


3. Drink lots of water. Stay full and hydrated throughout the day by chugging the H2O. Research shows you’ll consume less calories, not to mention feel even better the next day if you’re not dehydrated.


4. Balance your calories. If you’re going to a party at night, eat a little less early on. Stick to just protein and veggies so you’re still full and satisfied through the morning and afternoon. This means you might come out even with a normal days calorie intake, but allocate more for the things you are excited to enjoy.


5. Workout baby! Start your day with a sweat session and your body will reward you for it. Working out is key most days, but you might even have some more time on this holiday to get after it and put in even more work. Plus, it will help balance your calories – burn a little more before you consume a little more. You’ll feel better about any treats you eat and you’ll have awesome energy as you celebrate the day.


Either way a body wasn’t made or broken from a single meal or day off the wagon, just make sure you have a plan in place so you’re back to full steam on the 5th.


Be safe and enjoy your 4th of July Celebration!


Need some help with your nutrition after the holiday? We can help! Just click here to get in contact with one of our G+O Nutrition Coaches. 


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