Don't Take A Vacation From Your Health


Going on vacation does not have to mean taking a vacation away from your healthy lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing and not being as strict as during your normal routine, but you’ll feel better if you don’t totally fall off the wagon.

Plus, if you are creating your healthy lifestyle the way you want it to be, you shouldn’t feel like you need to vacation from it anyway. However, when people go on vacation it seems to be a struggle maintaining healthy habits.


You are in a new environment, a new schedule and have different foods available to you. It’s easy to understand how things can go south.


Surprisingly, the biggest obstacle while traveling is not any of those things I have just mentioned. The biggest obstacle is your mindset.


It is common for people in the vacation mindset to indulge, live in the moment, and just say “I’ll get right back on track when I get home.” But what do you really do when you get home?


You have to catch up on work, get back into a normal routine and before you know it, two weeks have gone by without you preparing a healthy meal or stepping into the gym because you “just haven’t had the time”.


The best way to avoid this from happening at all is while you are traveling / on vacation is to keep enforcing your habits that you have worked so hard to make your lifestyle changes stick.


As I mentioned before if you created this habits properly, you shouldn’t want to step away from them in the first place!


If you do feel the need to give it up for a week while on vacation, maybe it is time to reflect and make some changes to your habits. (PS – We can help with that.)


So stay up late, have some drinks, skip a workout or two; but make the effort to prioritize your health and wellness while you’re on vacation. You’ll feel better while you’re there and won’t be completely derailed when you return home.


The best way to go about it while you’re away is prioritize your foundation of a healthy lifestyle:



Mindful Eating


Take your time with your food, you are on vacation, what’s the rush!?


If you are travelling somewhere new or foreign this can also be a good time to really savor the taste of new dishes, let the flavors sink in and make the food of somewhere new memorable. It should be easier to be mindful when eating on vacation vs. in the midst of your busy routine at home.


Stay hydrated.


Bring a water bottle and keep it full. Especially if you’re drinking frozen cocktails by the beach, you’ll want to stay hydrated throughout the day. You’ll feel so much better.


If you are touristing, staying hydrated while you walk all over the city is very important. Plus, if you’re stressed about travel expenses, drinking more water with meals rather than buying soda or alcoholic beverage could save you quite a bit of money.


Eat whole foods.


Prioritize eating high quality foods. If you are staying at a place that has access to a kitchen, cook. Bring some healthy snacks (fruit and nuts are perfect) while you travel so you aren’t forced to eat airport or gas station snacks.


If it’s possible, make a short list of groceries you can use to make easy meals while you are staying away from home. You don’t need to fill a whole pantry, but a bag of brown rice and a few chicken breast can provide a few healthy dishes.


Watch your portions.


Especially if you’re indulging in higher calorie meals and desserts, keep you portions smaller while you enjoy them.


Remember to use your hand guide for your portions.


I am 100% positive that you did not leave your hands at home. Having this portable food measuring device literally at your fingertips can be a huge help when deciding if you are eating too much.


Get enough sleep.


Hopefully this is a no-brainer while you’re on vacation. You should take the time to sleep-in without alarms waking you up to get up and get going. Even if you are wanting to get as much done while you’re on vacation, sleeping a little extra will give you more energy to do more!


Have you ever got back from a vacation and said, “I’m so exhausted, I need a vacation?” Prioritizing sleep while you are away will help you not need so much time to recover when you get home.


If you’re going on a busy trip, try to be as organized as possible with things you want to get in. Having an idea of what you want to get done and where you want to be at certain times can help make sure that you aren’t out later than you have to be and requiring too much time of recovery once you get home.


Stay active.


Taking 30-45 minutes a day while on vacation will not ruin your trip, it will probably make you feel better!


If you aren’t on a active vacation, find the time to get the heart rate up and sweat a little bit before you start your day. When booking a place to stay, make sure it has a gym on site.


Your workouts do not have to be as intense as they are at home. Just spending some time on a treadmill and getting creative with a pair of dumbbells can keep you on track until you get back home and to your own gym.


Check out this hotel-gym travel workout for inspiration.


Just these six simple things can make the transition from travel back to normal home life much more seamless and less daunting.


Don’t forget to enjoy your vacation too, but we know you will if you’re feeling good and healthy every day!

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