Back To School, Back To Healthy Eating

Bettina, mom of two busy boys and G+O coach is wrapping up her summer. That means the boys are going back to school and she is back to a normal, however busier, routine. Check out how she kick starts her healthy eating during this busy time of transition. 


It is officially back to school time and I have to admit, I am so ready for it.


As much as I love hanging out with my boys, I miss my routine. A huge part of being in routine means getting back to eating just a little bit cleaner.


If you’re ready to make some healthy changes as your daily routine changes, check my 3-step process for back to school week:


Restocking on my favorite groceries. I am definitely going to stop at Costco to get our family favorites in bulk. I need to have easy, healthy go-to snacks on hand and this is the best place to get them. If it's too time consuming or not available, it's all too easy to choose an unhealthy snack. Here's my snack shopping list:

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Box of mini hummus 

  • Box of mini guacamole 

  • All the yummy berries 

  • Grape tomatoes 

  • Avocados 

  • Greek yogurt

See ya later Costco, and hello Trader Joe’s! I prefer to buy my produce items here so I'm not over buying the fresh stuff and letting it spoil. Having raw fruits and vegetables that I can grab and munch on help get more veggies in through out the day. Obviously, I'm not going to grab a container of cooked broccoli and eat that in the car; I can easily chop up some peppers and snack on those while I'm on the go. Here's some of my easy go-to produce:

  • Baby carrots

  • Cucumber

  • Peppers 

  • Bananas 

Now that the groceries are done, I don't get home and immediately put them away. I've found that preparing them as ready-to-go snacks makes it easier for everyone to make healthy choices and less goes to waste. When I'm in a rush out the door I can easily grab one of my snack containers and hurry out the door. 

  • Step 1: Wash all the fruits and veggies thoroughly

  • Step 2: Cut up the cucumbers, peppers, strawberries (and any other fruits/veggies I have)

  • Step 3: Place in smaller sized Tupperware or zip lock baggies.


Now I have a ton of tasty, clean snack options that the boys (yes, my husband Alex included) and I can readily enjoy. They're easily seen at the front of the refrigerator and are super easy to just grab and go. 


So I must admit, I don’t particularly love being in the kitchen. (I know I'm a nutrition coach and healthy eater, but it's not my favorite place!) So for me, healthy shortcuts are always necessary!


We all know, if we're going to eat healthy and encourage our families to eat healthy there is no choice but to get used to being in the kitchen.


As I pack my boys, and myself  lunches, I use my fast and easy 5-ingredient system that the entire family can enjoy:

  1. Grilled Chicken While I prefer Trader Joe’s, you can get grilled chicken just about anywhere, just check the ingredients so there aren't any preservatives or hidden ingredients. 

  2. Shredded Salads There are so many options at each grocery store making it so simple for us to consume. Select your choice of greens (spinach, romaine, slaw), open the bag, pour into a bowl and TAH –DAH!  Chopped salad.

  3. Salad Dressing Here is where it's very important that you read the ingredients and nutrition facts. Take a closer look at the first 5 ingredients and make sure your sugar levels aren’t too high. I love the spicy peanut and cilantro dressings! Need help reading labels? Make sure to ask one of our G+O Nutrition Coaches for more help!

  4. Colorful Vegetables I aim for peppers. They are so juicy, refreshing and delicious. They add a lot of natural flavors and they are very nutrient dense. You can add as many veggies as you wish. The more the merrier.

  5. Tortillas I know what you are thinking, “every day is not Taco Tuesday, Bettina!!” I know BUT some days are and those days deserve to be celebrated with Taco’s! Plus, carbs are necessary for your energy, it's just all about keeping them smart. There are a ton of tortilla options and some are pretty clean– whole grain, spinach, sun dried tomato. Pick your favorite and enjoy!


With this simple 5-ingredient list, I am able to keep my entire family happy and healthy! I’ll prepare the boys wraps at night and place them in their lunch boxes in the morning.


With the same ingredients, I’ll prepare a salad version of their wrap for me and my husband; keeping my time in the kitchen down, ingredients clean, and stomachs happy!


If you need any help with keeping your and your family's food clean and delicious, just let us know (here) and I'll be happy to help!




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