Yoga for Recovery

September 11, 2019

Why do we recommend yoga for recovery? Well, there are so many extreme benefits from the practice that are so easily accessible to you at any time, really! That’s why we asked G&O Superstar Bri to share some insights of yoga based on her experiences practicing and guiding others through their own personal practice.


Yoga for recovery can be a tricky practice for a few reasons. The primary reasons and toughest for many are slowing down, being present in the moment, and focusing on our own breath. That’s what yoga practices are about, after all! Once we learn not to rush through the poses, slow down and embrace our breath, we are able to reap the physical and mental benefits.


Recovery yoga comes in many forms but the benefits are all quite parallel. Some of my absolute favorite benefits and outcomes are increased flexibility, improved exercise form and posture, and of course as mentioned, deepening and slowing our breath. While those benefits happen to be my favorite, that’s not all Recovery Yoga has to offer. Recovery Yoga also helps individuals decrease stress, decrease muscle & joint pain, improves sleep, improves circulation, and increases energy levels.


One form of yoga that is very popular and widely used for recovery yoga is called Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is more of a passive, gentle, slow moving form of yoga that focuses on deep stretching, breath, and meditation. In a Yin class, you are either seated or laying on the mat the entire time, holding the poses anywhere from 2-5 minutes, and using your breath to guide you through the holds.


“Honestly, I remember the first time I took a recovery yoga class. It was a struggle for me because my mind was always racing and my muscles weren’t the most flexible. It was also hard to focus on being in the present moment. However, I also remember how amazing I felt after my first class. The initial struggle was totally worth it. Since then, recovery yoga has helped me in so many ways; physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Now, I crave yoga on a daily basis. I say, give it a try! What’s the harm in listening to your mind, body, and soul!”



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