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What is it that is holding you back? Maybe you don't know what to do to get started or you just haven't found the right place that clicked for you. Maybe you are a busy mother of two who has worked out and been active your whole life but find yourself struggling to make that breakthrough. Maybe you are a busy entrepreneur who is balancing being a great Dad while guiding his business. You are spending some time on your wellness but don't really have a plan, aren't fully committed, or your body isn't where you want it to be. 
How do you get over these challenges? Check out what Bettina & Alex did (see below) to get past these barriers and take their fitness and lives to the next level!

You Have What it Takes


Meet Bettina
Bettina discovered the Gravity + Oxygen Community through a school raffle just a month into the opening of G+O Fitness. As a former marathon runner and tennis player, Bettina was accustomed to a life of activity but something was missing from the equation. As a hard working mother of two she found it hard to get her body to change the way she wanted it to, even with living what most would consider a very active lifestyle. From the start, Bettina committed to the G+O Fitness philosophy of finding a balanced approach she could sustain with her nutrition and exercise for the long term.
Bettina didn't yoyo diet. She didn't do any intense cleanse's or fasts. She committed to working her butt off and found a group of people that kept her motivated and excited to workout every day. She found a community that supported her and helped educate her on clean eating and she took action to make it happen.
She took part in the GOod 2 Great Transformation Challenge last year and SHE WON! Bettina has since become an amazing foundational member of G+O Fitness and serves as one of our ambassadors.  She is also currently working on becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Pro so she can spread her passion for helping others transform the way that she has.
Bettina will continue to succeed and we know she is just getting started!

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Meet Alex
Alex came to Gravity + Oxygen Fitness in August of 2015. Alex was by no means obese but had not been working out with any consistency outside of the occasional Yoga class and found himself wanting more from his body. As a former high level athlete in his younger days, Alex had let life, kids, and the busy day to day of a successful business owner take priority over his health and fitness.
Alex committed to making long term and CONSISTENT changes to his diet and became a daily fixture in classes at G+O Fitness. He found a place he enjoyed working out at with people who kept him motivated to come in and work hard every day........and he has never looked back!
Alex didn't just take action and join a "gym." He committed to joining a community and making working out not just something that he had to do, but an essential part of his daily life. He found it quickly gave him more energy and excitement for work. It helped him aleviate stress and stay more focused. Most importantly it allowed him to enjoy life more and have a blast doing things like skiing with his kids and running outside with his dogs.
He of course also happened to lose an amazing amount of body fat and build a rock solid body along the way.
All of these things became possible when Alex decided to live the G+Ood Life!
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Falling in love with working out won't happen overnight but like anything worth having if you put in the effort and take Alex & Bettina's lead we can promise you will find yourself enjoying the process a little bit more each day. Have any questions or want to find out more about how you can enjoy working out absolutely every single day? Reach out to us through email or phone and let us help you get on track.
-The G+O Team-

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