Gravity + Oxygen is a state of the art fitness facility in East Boca Raton that offers an intelligent approach to functional exercise in two formats: Group interval classes and personal one-on-one training.

Keeping true to our gym name, we champion the two main divisions of exercise, resistance and cardiovascular training, by maximizing the primal ingredients of each: gravity and oxygen.

We celebrate mobility and injury prevention, beginning all of our sessions with very thorough warm ups called foundation: "loose, warm, hot". We may begin like lambs, but we end like lions.

There are workouts, and then there are experiences. Cue the music, gather the community, and witness fitness culture at its best. 

Come find out why we are one of the highest rated gyms in all of Boca Raton. Patterns aren't coincidences. 

Most importantly, learn how we can help YOU. This place has become a home for so many. Come join them. Become one of us. 


G+O Fitness Training Programs


GET AFTER IT with others! Group Classes are the bread and butter of G+O Fitness so if you are interested in fun, creative, and intelligent workouts EVERY DAY then our coaches have you covered.

Personal Training: Working with a Coach is the most effective way to get from A to B with your fitness goals. We have some of the best Fitness Pros in SOFLO ready to help you succeed. 

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